Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 2: Representation of social groups

Typically in films, male characters tend to dominate the female characters in terms of character heirarchy. In thriller, the killer is often male who captures a female victim. For our own thriller 'Stolen Identity', we challenged this idea by casting our killer as a female.

We also intertextualised a few ideas from the 2009 thriller 'The Stepfather'. Firstly, when our character was first introduced, her face was hidden from the viewers until the end to create a sense of suspense and give the audience a feel that she is secretive. Secondly, both thrillers introduce a mysterious character which misleads the audience. As the main character mysteriously changes their appearance to disguise themself, their true colours are revealed towards the end of the opening. This concept is when the character is not who the audience thinks they are, creating more suspense.

I think that they portrayal of a female killer is becoming more popular in thrillers as the stereotypical view has been broken. Patriarchy in films is definately getting better.

Here are two stills of the killers from 'The Stepfather' and 'Stolen Identity':

'The Stepfather' killer before

'The Stepfather' killer after

'Stolen Identity' killer before

'Stolen Identity' killer after

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