Friday, 18 March 2011

Filming - Day 1 (backfired)

On the 10th and 11th March, college was closed due to year 11 student interviews. My group felt that this was the perfect time to begin filming: pick up our equipment on Thursday to film then returning on Friday. We were behind on our filming due to booking difficulties. During our pitch, our teacher Annabel had said we needed to shorten our storyline as it was far too long but this meant that our story would not make sense. On the 7th, we decided to start over with new ideas. We came up with completely different ideas but still using some of our original ideas. We were going to film at Vanessa’s garage on the following Thursday. We were ready to film.

I went to book our slot as we had planned a week earlier which Marisa marked down in the booking diary. However, on the day of filming there were complications with the bookings; Marisa said our names were not on the list! We were gutted to here that our only chance of filming had backfired. I was annoyed with myself and Marisa for not double checking - but everyone makes mistakes. We ended up taking the 4pm slot to pick up equipment and begin filming on early Friday morning in time to return them at 1pm. Each member of our group took home a piece of equipment. Although our plans had been changed, we knew we would all be ready to film the following morning. However, I was dreading the early morning: we were planning to meet a 8:30am!

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