Sunday, 13 March 2011

Filming - Day 1

Me and my group met up at 9am (normal lesson time), to get the equipment in order to get the filming done.  Nobody was in the technician office so we waited for about 45 minutes before finally bumping into Merissa.  She told us how we had not booked the camera for today, and how it had been booked for the previous day and was meant to be returned today.  Natalie was the one who had sorted out the booking of the camera, and the rest of us didn't bother to double check it as we just assumed it would be alright - we learnt our lesson.  Natalie had obviously made a mistake as we were written down in the diary for a wednesday booking, but now there was nothing we could do.  This was a SERIOUS risk because this was the only day we had to film, but as our grade was on the line we had to find some sort of solution.  Merissa said we could come back at 4pm to get the equipment and return it for the next day at 1pm, but we could not start filming so late as some of us had to be home.  So we agreed to come back at 4pm and get the equipment and then meet the next morning so we could get some filming done.   This really frustrated me, as a whole day had been wasted but then I just realised we had to do what we could before the rough cut deadline.

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