Saturday, 19 March 2011

Filming – Day 1

On the Thursday, when there was no college because of year 11 interviews, our group meet up for 9:00 a.m so we can collect the camera from college, then go to Vanessa’s garage to shoot. When we went to go retrieve the cameras we were told that we are unable to collect a camera because: number one, if we wanted to film on the Thursday we were meant to collect the camera on the previous Wednesday evening, number two, we couldn’t just collect it today because all the cameras have been taken and number three we apparently never even booked a camera for Thursday! I believe that many things just got misunderstood in the whole process of booking and collecting the cameras, which is why we were in that predicament. This was very frustrating because we were already behind the rest of the class and time was running out until the deadline, and I didn’t want to loose any more potentially filming time, already having lost some the pervious weekend because all the cameras were booked for the weekend. We went to go find Bernard as he was the one who signed to paper, he tried to help us, but there was nothing he do. Marisa the media technician said that we can book the cameras for that same day at 4:00 p.m and return it tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. At first some members of the group were hesitant to this schedule as they were unable to film that evening, but later accepted it because it was the best we had. We just decide to film the Friday morning and then the Monday throughout lunch and during Bernard’s lesson.
     We all came back at 4:00 to pick up the equipment, which was: the cameras, batteries, lighting kit, still camera and the tripod. We all took one thing and headed home ready to get up tomorrow to start filming.

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