Sunday, 13 March 2011

Filming - Day 2

On friday we finally got some filming done!  Our location was great, weather wasn't too bad, and as we had a limited amount of time before the camera had to be returned, we got straight down to it.  We brought some props along such as: a knife, a tool box, some food colouring, a dress and heels.  Although we originally planned for me to wear a wig, I was not able to get hold of one.  We done as much filming as we could, and luckily we got the majourity of it done, however the spotlight's battery was running low so the light was getting dimmer and dimmer.  One or two scenes still need to be filmed, but we agreed to do it during monday's lesson so we could spend the rest of the week editing.  We aim to go at the start of lunch, and return the camera back for 3.10pm.  We planned to not go to lesson at all and go straight to our location, but this may be an issue as the cameras may not be given to us at the start of lunch.  Hopefully everything's fine, and I'll be going to speak to Benard and/or Anabell on monday morning to explain our situation.  I have another lesson in the afternoon which is why we wanted to go straight away at lunch because our location is about 30minutes away, and I need to be back in time for my last lesson of the day.  We decided that me and Vanessa would go off and film (as it's Vanessa's neighbour's garage and I'm needed in the scene), whilst Natalie and Jazzine made a start on the editing.  It's going to be a very busy week but I think we'll manage with the editing schedule we've come up with - fingers crossed.  Below are some pictures of all four of us whilst filming.

Natalie and the camera in the garage
Natalie and Jazzine with the camera

 Vanessa filming very high establishing shots, and Jazzine taking a look at footage

 The two of them again

 I guess they took a quick break :)

 The sun blinding my eyes after all the hard work I had put it into the acting :)

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