Saturday, 19 March 2011

Filming Day – 2

On Friday our group meet up for 8:30 at Highbury and Islington station to take train to Vanessa’s garage. Once we arrived at Vanessa’s garage we were ready to roll. However the was a minor set back, Vanessa’s garage was too packed to film in and this would have taken up all of our time, so having just seen Vanessa’s neighbour garage we asked if we could film in there and luckily for us they said yes. One our location was secured we began filming straight away. Being mindful of the time and battery energy of the light, we were working fast and ensuring we try get all the necessary shots. The location was nice and it allowed us to come up with new ideas and explore different things, some worked, some didn’t. Our LED light kept flashing towards the end of our filming, and at time this worked to our advantage, but most of the time, it made the lighting dimmer as the only other kind of light was the spotlight. We continued filming until the second battery for the spotlight started to die and spotlight started to become dim. We had most of the filming done so we decided to film the rest on Monday, with only about four shots left.
The alley the Emily walked down during filming

The orignal garage that we were going to use

The garage that we actually filmed in (we removed some of the stuff inside)

Me setting up the tripod :)

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