Saturday, 19 March 2011

Filming Day - 3/ Editing Day – 1

On Monday it was decided that Emily and Vanessa would go and film, while me and Natalie started on the editing. This was a good idea because it allowed us to collectively get more work done and to catch up. Whilst editing I noticed that some shots were too darkly lit compared to other shots, and released this was because they spotlight was dimming. Me and Natalie call Vanessa and Emily to ask them to redo those shots, because they were unable to do so because the neighbours had put lots of new things inside of the garage which the where unable to move, and those shots would have shown those things. So we just had to work with it. We put all of the clips into a sequence leaving some gaps, because some clips were on the memory card the Vanessa and Emily took, and conjured up some ideas once we added in the other clips, that would help make the opening better.

We as a group made a schedule of when we can come into college during our free time to do some editing to help us catch up.
My hands at work editing :)

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