Monday, 14 March 2011

Filming - Day 3

As we planned to on friday, me and Vanessa headed straight to our filming location at the beginning of lunch.  We had previously filmed different clips between two memory cards, so we decided to leave the memory card with the most clips on it for Jazzine and Natalie.  It was slightly harder to carry the camera equipment with just the two of us, but we managed.  When me and Vanessa arrived at the garage where we had been filming, there were new items that had been added inside of it, but as we had filmed most of the scenes inside the garage on friday, this wasn't too bad.  Whilst filming, we got a text from Natalie and Jazzine asking us to re-film a scene as it looked too dark.  I was glad that we had divided the roles between the four of us because even though we were split up, things were moving quicker this way.  Things got filmed much quicker with just the two of us, rather than all four of us.  Vanessa tried her best to get as many shots of me as possible, and when we watched it on the camera screen, we could see that there would be a selection of clips to choose from.  I was very happy with the remaining shots that had been filmed, and now I knew that the rough cut would be fine - depending on how well the editing goes.  The whole group are meeting on tuesday for 1.15 and have decided to work on the editing until 3.  I personally think we should stay there until 4 or 5, as we should try and get as much editing done as possible, but let's wait and see.  Hopefully we divide the roles again so two of us can focus on editing, whilst the other two focus on sound and titles, then maybe the roles can be swapped over.  I'm just really proud on how far the group have come despite all the troubles we've experienced.  Editing should be fun, and I'm looking forward to it.  Below are some quick pictures we took whilst filming.

 Vanessa setting up the camera and tripod

Vanessa re-filming high establishing shots

I think this is when we were celebrating :)

Vanessa struggling to get the camera out of the tripod

Star of the film 

Me creaming my legs making sure they look decent for the camera

Still creaming, now changing into my heels

Wasn't even on the prop list but still looked good in the background :)

Our location (when filming on friday, the stuff on the left was not there)

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