Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Editing Day

As we come to a close with our editing it was beginning to look like a success. Even though we did have a few hiccups but that's apart of the sound and editing process. Our deadline for our films is (Tomorrow) Friday and within 4 hours of editing and adding sound we were able to finish.

Like I said earlier, it wasn't without it's hiccups. First of all we had to get all the footage, text and transitions as perfect as possible. However, our original text effect which we had on the "Stolen Identity" part had a blue shadow and it a sort of vibration to it. We all tried to think of ways to change it to a black shadow because the title would be on narrative. We believed that blue wasn't suited to the genre or the clear opposites of a white font and black shadow. If we had the transition like that, it could have been foreshadowing that behind every person there's someone walking  in their shadow ready to take their identity. In the end we decided to scrap the whole effect.

We then thought that it was better to use a fade away which we currently have now. We adjusted size of the text  and made the fade away less abrupt than it originally was. To finish and put it on final cut pro, we rendered the "movie" from livetype and imported it to final cut pro where we added the title to the time line.

At the end of our rough cut it showed the camera tilting down and cut out. My initial intentions where to fade it to black. However, because we wanted the title to end on the wall and fade out. So i found a button which was called freeze  frame where we could freeze the screen at any point of the film. I dragged it onto the timeline and added the text. Although, we thought we were done, we replayed the sequence and saw the frame jumped slightly and decided to do a transition effect. Emily found an excellent fade called "colour dip fade" where the colour of the bricks discolour and transition into the next frame. We put it in and the fade out at the end.  Once again, not everything was running smoothly, when we tried to render the sequence to play the film, the render was denying us. After many times of trying we finally called a technician to help.
We had a battle with the transitions and the freeze frame. We eventually got them on and exported it to soundtrack pro where everything was more plain sailing.

In soundtrack pro, Natalie already had effects and a soundtrack ready to be adjusted on to the film. This made the process much quicker than we expect. Motifs for the knife and her presence adds to the dynamics of the opening scene. We added footsteps and a garage door sound to enhance the film. We were all overly joyed.

At the end of putting the sound on we exported the sound to soundtrack pro and aligned it to the film itself. We then saved the film as our names and "FINAL EDIT". Labelled the file yellow to make it noticeable for our teachers. I then converted the file via handbrake from a movie file to a Mp4 file. That's when the video was uploaded to blogger.

Everyone was overwhelmed with emotions. Especially Emily.... because we had come a long way and had little over 3 weeks to film and edit it. unlike more groups who had more than 4 weeks. We are proud of our film and regardless of what our reception by people maybe, we put our bloody sweat and anger into this!

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