Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Editing - Day 1

Our first day of editing went quite well.  All four of us planned to meet up, but only three of us (me, Jazzine and Natalie) did, so we didn't get to do as much editing as I had hoped.  When I arrived into the editing suite, Jazzine and Natalie showed me what they had done in yesterday's lesson whilst me and Vanessa were finishing the filming.  Lots of the shots looked amazing, most were even better than what I had expected them to look like.  However, i did have a problem with our opening establishing shot, I just felt it looks too 'happy' and it doesn't suit the mood of the film.  I've suggested that we try and get it into a different colour, possibly black and white, and maybe this will give it a better effect, so we'll try this tomorrow when we next edit.  We never really got to focus on sound today so I would also like to make a start on that tomorrow.  When we had filmed on friday, we borrowed the still camera and took lots of pictures, so I worked on a seperate computer for a while and uploaded them to the blog.  I'm really proud of all the shots we've done, and now I'm feeling even more confident with editing our film.  More editing to be done tomorrow - should be hard work!  I never really had a chance to take lots of images, but I did manage to get one which shows the clips on the left side, the sequence so far on the right side, and the sequence again on the timeline.

The mac with our clips 

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