Monday, 7 March 2011

Hurtwood House Media - ideas towards final film

Before half term, I was watching Succubus on youtube and then came across the uploader of the film - 'Hurtwood House Media'.  I decided to check the youtube account and came across many AS thriller film openings from last year.  I didn't have time to watch them all but I did watch a few, and I quickly texted my group to get onto youtube whenever they could and watch this as I feel it could contribute to the making of our film.  It's called Redemption, and I just fell in love with it as soon as I watched it.  I think what makes it so effective is the way it begins with the extra close up of the clock, and the non-digetic sound effects in the background gives it more of an effect aswell.  I also like the way they used title over a blank screen, because the background was black and the titles were a bold white, it worked very well due to the use of binary opposition.  They showed maybe 3-4 seconds of the scene and then went to spend about 3-4 seconds on the titles, and doing this was very effective as it was slowed the scene down which created more curiousity.  Another thing that I loved was the use of lighting, it was absolutely amazing!  It made the movie look so real, and it just added that little bit of suspense that was needed.  The camera shots in the last scene, I think a tracking shot and then a tilting shot made the ending of the opening look great too.  It was a very basic storyline, all we had was a man putting a bomb in a teddy and then setting off to plant it somewhere, but the filmers and editors made it very interesting and suspenseful.  It certainly got my attention, and I would love to have seen the rest of this film - if it existed.  One thing I'd really like to use in my film is the use of lighting, we're planning to use a dark setting and I think it could work really well.

Here's one of the shots where the lighting is used really well.

 Lighting used well again, audience can clearly see this guy is a main character

Binary opposition worked well, basic font but still goes well with the background.
I also like the way it's in the right hand corner.

  We see the character again, but from the side now.  We never actually see the character's full face from the front - again used to create suspense


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