Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hurtwood House Media - ideas towards final film (part 2)

Another thriller film opening that had really caught my eye was 'Presence'.  The opening shots were INCREDIBLE.  It looked SO professional; the location chosen was beyond beautiful.  I also loved the way they used the sound effects of the wind and the haunted sounds.  The fourth shot is when the viewers are first shown the inside of the house and the use of darkness was amazing.  It really looked well against the text (binary opposition) and again it just looked so professional.  I think the use of loads of darkness and a little bit of light added a great effect to it as it left the viewers curious within the first 20 seconds.  When the producers are introduced there is another amazing shot used - a tilt shot.  This was very effective as it gave the viewers a little peak at what the girl was doing, it was almost like a point of view shot from somebody who was watching her.  I also loved how the water which was first clear, turned into bloody water.  During this scene, I think a little bit of quiet music should of been playing in the background because it seemed a bit dull.  The doors slamming and the extra sound effects put on top of them were also very effective.  In my opinion, I don't think the girl should have spoke because it took away the 'thrill' of the film, however, when her reflection in the mirror changed to her being held at hostage, the suspense came back as that was unexpected.  Other than that, this is a very good thriller opening sequence, it really caught my eye.  Below are some shots of my favourite scenes and also the opening itself.

One of the opening shots - love the use of darkness and binary opposition with the titles

Tilt shot used - love where titles are placed

Birds eye view shot - shows the bloody water in the sink which creates suspense

Reflection of her dead - lovely ending to the opening

Opening sequence to 'Presence'

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