Thursday, 24 March 2011

I forgot to Analyse the Match cut.

Mr. Soundtrack Pro!
It was brought to my attention that:

1. We didn't have the match cut up that worked
2. I never analysed the finish product. 

To be honest, I'm not born to be in front of the camera. There is so many things i could say that i did wrong in the acting department. But it doesn't matter. 

I'm not trying to sound big headed but, I think we did fulfil the requirements for a MATCH CUT. There were too many cuts to choose from.  

Synopsis: Basically, a match cut showing the actress' travel to tell her friend some gossip. 

Note: It is EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING to go on screen.  >:(

In that whole scene there was about 4 (don't quote me) match cuts. Almost exactly the same as the animatic. 


We tried to dramatise the situation using soundtrack pro. We used a quite mid-tempo'd track with sound fx of the door opening and closing. This was a chance for us to experiment with the programmes which were new to us. When I tell the girl (Natalie) the news. We added a sound which acted like an reaction shot. Just to emphasise her shock. To me it looked a little too exaggerated, the footsteps sounded too high pitched for my liking but it was a preliminary one which trained us  for our final edit. Which may I emphasise is great! 

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