Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Looking at sound/text towards final film

I really like the way 'Se7en' use simple sound effects, it's almost as if there's a consistent beat running throughout the whole opening.  This allows us to focus more on the images, but at the same it's giving the pictures a nice effect.  I also love the way the text is almost as if it's shuttering, and I like the way 'discrete titles' and 'titles over narrative' are both used in this.  It all works really well and to be honest it doesn't reveal ANYTHING about the film, just gives hints as to what the film's genre will be.  This makes a good opening and I'd like to have our text something like the way they have it, as well as the sound.  A good consistent tone that won't take away too much attention from the images.  Here's the opening sequence of 'Se7en':

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