Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Questionnaire Responses

On monday, my group decided to form a questionnaire consisting of five questions about their opinions on our rough cut.  We decided to be different and actually ask people questions about our rough cut film to get their feedback.  Although we are planning to put each of our results together into one big conclusion, we wanted to post our seperate responses first.  I gave out the questionnaire to four friends and my mum and they all said similar things.  Below are the graphs showing my results.

Majority thought the first 10 seconds were good and affective.
All respondents liked the font chosen

Almost half of the respondents thought the setting was good and almost half thought it was okay

All respondents could see a storyline forming out of this

Majority of respondents thought the level of suspense was good

I think conducting this questionnaire was very useful, because it allowed us to get people's feedback on our rough cut and we get a chance to improve any mistakes that may have been made.  I'm glad most people saw a story forming out of our rough cut, because that was the most important thing for now.  Even though the opening doesn't have to necessarily make sense, it does have to make the viewers try to form their own interpretation of what they think is about to happen.  I've also taken some comments such as 'cut the opening down, it's a bit too long' and 'add some eerie sounds', into consideration.  Sound was definitely always going to be added on, and as Benard had already suggested, the opening has been made shorter anyway.  I was very pleased with the questionnaire results.  If the blogging deadline wasn't on this upcoming friday, I would've liked to give out a questionnaire to the same people to see what they thought of the finished version, but I doubt they'll be any time.  Nonetheless, these results have still been very helpful.

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