Friday, 18 March 2011

Panic - student thriller

While I was on YouTube searching for suitable videos to go with my blog, I came across numerous AS thriller openings produced by previous AS media students. I rarely watch thrillers due to the fact that most thrillers (mainly psychological) are quite disturbing making me feel slightly shaken; if a thriller manages to disturb me then I consider it as a good thriller. Using my own concept, only 1 student thriller manages to do so: 'Panic' by Lambinio. This particular thriller looked very professional from all the use of editing, props, costume and location. If I had watched this opening without knowing it was student made, I would have believed it was a new thriller. The only giveaway was probably the fact that the actors were quite young but other than that it was genuinely a very good thriller. In my opinion, I believe that it is quite extraordinary for amateur students’ film-makers to produce professional thrillers. Although our group thriller opening is still in working progress, I hope our finished product will be up to this standard.
Here is student thriller 'Panic' below:

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