Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pitch change

In monday's lesson, my group were experiencing serious difficulties.  Every group had started filming apart from us, and this left us at in a very risky position as the deadline was drawing closer.  Benard could see that there was something wrong in our group, and he tried to help overcome the problems, but eventually left us to sort it out ourselves.  During this lesson, we changed the storyline of our film for the third time, but this storyline seemed to be a good one, and wouldn't be very hard to film.  We started our storyboard and we made a list of props that would be needed whilst filming.  The following thursday was a day off for the whole college, so we decided to get ALL the filming done and then use spare time as well as lesson time in the following week to get all the editing done by the deadline.  Despite being behind everyone else, I still had high hopes for my group and I was looking forward to filming, especially because I was acting as the main character.  For the Mise en Scene, we planned to have two different outfits for the main girl (me): one being the 'trampy outfit' and one being the 'business outfit'.  The garage is supposed to be her hideaway spot, practically her house, and this where she would reveal what was in her bag: being the fake knife and the tool box.  Below are two pictures of part of our storyboard and our prop list.

First two pages of storyboard (Not very clear)

List of props that were needed for filming

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