Monday, 7 March 2011

The Pitch of our film

In the last thursday lesson before half term, we had to present our pitch to Anabelle and Micky.  During this lesson, we had the first hour and a half to finish our presentation and then in the second hour and a half each group had to pitch their ideas to the rest of the class.  Our pitching didn't go to well, as a member of our group was absent and nobody else had access to the presentation we started in the previous lesson.  We had to start from scratch with the presentation, but we did the best we could and the storyboard came out quite well. When it was time to present, we kind of struggled as everyone was nervous.  When we eventually presented all that we could, Anabelle seemed to really like the storyline but she thought we had too much ideas to fit into the first two minutes of the film.  The storyline was about a girl (Emily) and her jealous best friend (Natalie).  Everytime Emily becomes involved with a guy, she starts to tell Natalie how she thinks he's the 'one' and so forth.  Natalie hears it over and over again, and is becoming sick and tired of Emily putting her boyfriend(s) before their friendship, so she sets out to attack the current boyfriend.  Emily also gives her boyfriend(s) this bracelet on valentines day, and this was the third valentine's she had done it with a different boyfriend.  Every valentines day the boyfriends seem to mysterously disappear, but really it's Natalie kidnapping them and stealing this special bracelet Emily gives them. At first, I started sulking for a while just because it was embarassing for me, but when she came and spoke to us at the lesson, I started to understand that what she was saying was for the best.  She suggested an idea that was still based around our actual storyline, and we agreed to work on it.  Sadly, all cameras were booked and we didn't get a chance to film over half-term which was quite upsetting.  I knew this was risky but there was nothing we could do so we just had to bare with it.  

Our detailed plan 

Our mini plan which was then expanded onto the big sheet

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