Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pitch + Setback

Our original ideas were for the concept to be about a psychological thriller centring a girl who is fed up of being picked on and is killing her school acquaintances. The titles would appear from the inspiration of Seven.

On a Thursday, the idea was pitched to Annabelle our teacher who spotted out our flaws. Which were:
- Location
- Overall concept
-Time in which to portray all this

Disappointed as the girls were, another idea had come to light, that  the sequence would have a concept that a girl is looking for a bracelet with a series of flashbacks/cutaways which use the bracelet. However, on the following Monday we were told that we would be unable to use that idea because it uses a flashback which could have proven quite tacky and ineffective.

The unclear storyboard
We had deliberated and thought hard, until we were forced upon an idea where it was a romantic thriller consisting with a girl as our starting point. But as we thought more thoroughly into it. It just wasn't as effective as our first idea. We realised we needed inspiration. I believe stepfather was more than inspiration, it was the light at the end of the tunnel. We focused more on Mise-En-Scene with the possibility of our character transforming from one costume to another. We all agreed this was a good idea. But the problem was location. Particularly in that week my family was dealing with squatters in one of my deceased grandparent's house which brought me to the idea of a squatter who's appearance changes possibly in a garage. We had looked at examples of particular garages, and contrasting costume ideas.

We even whipped out the A3 - sad we had to change it :(
Bye-Bye Mr. A3!
We set out a plan for film and concept, storybpard was ready. All that was needed was the equipment. Unfortunately they had all been booked as there are about 40 groups and only 10 cameras. Originally we had planned from Friday > Monday over the weekend. Next we tried Thursday > Friday. Which once again they were all booked. Next we tried the following Thursday morning > Friday morning. However, we were unaware we was not allowed to take it. Frustrated and angry as we were we were finally allowed to take it Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon. We were relieved but hardly had any time to film.

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