Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Pitch

In this lesson the whole class had to take turns with the groups presenting their pitches. Because it was a three hour lesson we were given the hour and a half to prepare to make a presentation to the class and the other hour and a half to present it. This ideally would be alright because you had the previous media lesson to do all the planning and make the presentation for the pitch. However, for our group this wasn’t enough time because I wasn’t in the previous lesson because I was doing a production within the school, and I needed to be caught up with all the latest changes and what not to the pitch. On the other hand, my absent from the previous lesson didn’t make much of a difference, because during this lesson somebody else from our group was absent, and she was the only one with the password to our presentation which was made on and we were unable to get in touch with her. So we all had to start from the beginning. They present girls informed me on the pitch changes and we worked together on making a new presentation. We decided that our film opening would be about a girl who is jealous of her best friend’s relationships with her boyfriends, as she feels her friend’s relationship would get in the way of their friendship. Also the best friend would give each boyfriend she had a bracelet on Valentine’s Day when she taught they were ‘the one.’ So the jealous friend would secretly kidnapped and kill all the boyfriends that ever received the bracelet.
     The changes that were previously made was that before we were going to make the main girl be a victim of bullying and then she was going to plot to kill her bullies. But Bernard said that bullying is to cliché and that we shouldn’t do that. And know that I think about it, I’m glad we didn’t do that because I don’t like that storyline that much.
      Anyway, in the opening of the film, of the changed pitch, a girl walks into her room goes into a closet and searches for the bracelet of one of her victims. In her closet we were going to have: sharp tools, newspaper articles of her missing victims, pictures of the victims hanging up on the walls, and a list of names, amongst other stuff. The titles would appear against a frozen image of a sharp object whilst she searches past them. Eventually the girl finds the bracelet then we would be shown a close up of a picture of the girl and her best friend, then the camera slowly would zoom into the best friend and the picture would turn into a reality. Now we would be brought in college with the girl and her best friend and the best friend is telling the girl how she is ‘in love’ with her boyfriend and blah blah blah… then the boyfriend would approach her and put his arm around her shoulders dragging her away, then the camera would do a cut in to the bracelet around his wrist. Then we would end the opening with a close up of the girl watching them walk away. Then an extreme close up of her sinister eyes.  
     The title for this was ‘Valentine’s bracelet.’ We planned to shoot over the half term at college and Emily’s house and Emily, Natalie and Natalie’s friend would be acting in the film. 

When we presented our pitch to the class Anabelle didn’t seem to like it. She said it was too complicated and long for an opening of a movie. She said she really like our storyline and the idea of the ‘bracelet of death’ as she liked to call it, but it was too developed in the storyline, just for and opening. She went back to our sits where Anabelle later came and spoke to us an explained why this wouldn’t work and I agree and understand why this wouldn’t have work, and why she couldn’t let us just go and do it this way. After offering us some tips and advice we were left to polish up our idea and unable to film anything over the half term because all the cameras were booked.

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