Friday, 25 February 2011

Practice film: Card swap - editing

After all of the shots from the 'card swap' had been filmed, we spent the rest of the lesson on the editing. We first began looking over all the shots we'd taken before then we placed them in order. As this was just a practice on using the equipment, our short sequences did not need to have special effects or transitions, the sequence just needed to make sense. We just focused on using short quick cuts to make viewers feel the tension between the two players in our scene, we did this by using a shot reverse shot on the squinting eyes of the actors (Jazzine and Emily). Throughout the time we'd been editing, we came across a major problem: we had a variety of shot but the cards that were placed were in a different order in different shots. This meant that we could not use all of the shots we intended to otherwise it may confused viewers when watching the mismatched cards being placed. We ended up using a long scene of the card swap after the introduction (the 'squinting' scene).

We didn't have enough time to add music due to the editing problems. Although our end result did look believable, we could have done much better. But as I had said before, this was just a practice which would not be marked. We have already learnt from our mistakes which we will definitely not repeat in any other filming later on. The 'card swap' has been uploaded onto to blog. From this first time experience, I have learnt a lot about filming and editing. This will be useful for our next project/short film.

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