Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 6 - Audience Feedback - Part 1

In the previous blog there is a ‘word cloud’ of adjective and nouns used by our audience to describe our group’s final opening title sequence. The most frequently used words are the biggest and vice versa. The biggest words on our word cloud ‘good,’ ‘sound,’ ‘well,’ ‘shots’ and ‘interesting.’ Judging from this feedback I would say our film was…decent. Not the best student film they have ever seen, but not the worst – judging from the word ‘good.’
     What I’m really proud of is that one of the biggest words where ‘sound.’ Sound was something I really depended on to carry through suspense, and I believe that sound was successful in doing that. A lot of the comment we got back said that sound was very effective and created suspense.
     The word ‘interesting’ also sat well with me because it showed the audiences interest in our final film. Even though a lot of them didn’t understand the storyline, a lot of then said they would want to watch more to find out was it is about. And that’s the whole point of a film; we don’t give all the information away in the first two minutes – which was something we almost ended up doing with our last pitch – but you give just enough so that the audience would want the rest of the information. That’s the whole point of the rest of the film, the opening sequence is just an introduction.
     ‘Shots’ to me was a good comment because it improves the quality of our film, the fact that we were able to use effective shots, and really impacted the audience. 

There were a few comments about the darkness of the film, but when we were editing and filming the film didn’t look that dark. I think it was down to the lighting in the room and the fact that we were seeing it on a bigger screen, so I’m not going to worry too much about that, because when we watch it in the cinema the lighting in the room is going to be very dark.
     I look forward to going to the cinema to get more audience feedback on our film. :)

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