Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thriller analysis Part 2 (1/2)

No, this is not the star of the film. :D
Me... I don't know what it is..
New items were added to the catalogue. Unfortunately.
Day 2 - In an even shorter time span than day one, we had to re-film certain shots which were either very dim or very poorly executed. We divided the group in two,  so that me and Emily could finish the filming whilst, Natalie and Jazzine finished some of the editing. Unfortunately, in the transformation of the girl we forgot the trainers she originally had on.  So as the camera-women for the day, i devised a few shots which didn't require the feet. Mid-shots/Long shots and close ups were ideal for this.

The two main scenes shot:

I look short! but i'm 5'7! 
For example, the shot where the garage door opens was a mid-shot. We do not see her face until the end of the film to create suspense in a psychological thriller. It was quite hard to put the camera in manual focus for her body because camera before the garage door opens, had to be focused on the door to make the quality better.

Oh, good, i know what a camera looks like now! 
On that day my hand was feeling particularly steady we came up wit an idea that the camera would tilt upwards. then revealing the characters face. Emily's facial expressions was key to tie up the whole scenario. She executed very well. With the facial expressions it allows the audience to instantaneously know that she is up to no good.

The weather was a key factor on this day because, it was very different from the previous shooting day. It was much more darker and hardly any blue skies. Which meant less light. So brightness qualities maybe slightly different. Not much, but just enough to tell.

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