Monday, 21 March 2011

Thriller Ideas - Story lines

I had to leave these ideas until last just in case my ideas got high jacked. So, after i have known that people have done their rough cuts, I thought it is the perfect time to express what could of been the concept of our opening title sequence.

In a Thriller for me storyline is one of the main keys required to make a great film. Even though we will onbly be shooting the opening title sequence. The impact of our first few minutes should reflect the storyline. 

These are a few story lines we could play around with in our title sequence: 

1. Its the first day of college and a girl is teased for her looks and her quietness however, at the same time is killing people who have teased her. The opening scene should use a mixture of still images and recorded footage to make a visual impact on the audience. The director of photography will have a major part to play by gathering still images and camera movement.

2. Through the eyes of a girl who only sees death imagery. This has remained a secret up until now, as a suspicious girl comes to disturb things. Mise En Scene will play a major part in creating this opening title sequence because i can visualize a heavy use of blood and weaponry. Editing the footage to make the colour of the screen red will also add to the realism of this "power". 

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