Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thriller soundtracks: Research

I decided to research on thriller soundtracks on try find what is that specific elements that makes a soundtrack suspenseful and effective.
I came across a website called Yookamusic. It allowed me to look at some successful thriller soundtracks, which helped arose suspense. 
The link to the website is:

My favourite thriller sound tracks are:
  •     The Cage: because right from the start it was able to captivate me and give me a feeling to go along with.
  •       Horror Cinematic – Slow Zombies: at first I didn’t like this one, but when I read the title and saw it said      Zombies, I really like it, because it much suited he zombie theme. With this sound you can almost picture the images of zombies in the film.
  •       Forbidden Zone: because it seems to be suited for an action thriller, and normally with action thrillers, I don’t gain suspense but this one was effective with me.
To me, what makes a good thriller sound track is one that is able to tell the story with sound alone. So with the sound track for my final film I need to be able to listen to the sound alone without watching the clips and be able to add a storyline to it, give it a genre, and be able to feel suspense.
     To put mu soundtrack to the test I asked my friend to listen to it and tell me if there was suspense in the sound. To my pleasure she said yes! Making me more confident in my thriller film.

One film we all know, that has a famously known successful thriller soundtrack is 'Psycho' lets watch this trailer and listen to it again:


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