Monday, 21 March 2011

Thriller Soundtracks .... What makes them successful?

A crescendo at the end?
Orchestral sound?
Repetitive hooks?

Well here are the four most well recognised film sound tracks:
1. 007 (James Bond) - Action Thriller
This iconic film uses an orchestra. Many times the symbols are used to almost depict actions. You could just imagine James Bond hitting some one in time to the crash of the symbols. Also, the adjustment in the volume as further into the sound track the orchestra amplify their sound almost like all the events are coming into a crescendo. The rhythm I believe is played by the xylophone and a form of trumpet. The elongation of each note makes the whole song suspicious and intense.

2. Bourne Ultimatum - Psychological Thriller
This film is more modern than the classic James Bond sound track. The tempo of the soundtrack is consistently the same through out. However, the way the lyrics are sung by the artist is repetitive and selective pieces are reminiscent in the audiences mind. By the use of lyrics its almost psychologically telling the audience to listen to them as if they have some sort of clue to the outcome of the film.

3. The departed - Crime Thriller
This film like Bourne Ultimatum, has quite a modern approach to the music. However, the sound track falsely starts on 2/3 occasions before playing right through. Which could give us an indication of false plateau. The  accordions rhythms is repetitive but the sound which comes out makes me thing of fun and games. Obviously,  most thrillers aren't fun. But, playing games fits the criteria.

4. In Burges - Psychological Thriller
This film takes quite a solemn approach as the alone piano player plays legato chords. The contrast of the high  and mid to low notes also suggest there are two sides to this film. Good and a bad.

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