Monday, 21 March 2011

Title/Font Analysis

During our editing process, me and the group decided to use a font called 'copperplate' simply because it stood out better from the other texts.  It's also a serif font, so this gives the opening title sequence a more professional look.  Jazzine went over to Marissa's office to get a very short tutorial of Livetype, and she came back and guided the rest of the group through it.  Although we had several struggles, and kept on calling Mickey over for some help, we eventually fully understood how to add the titles on.  The opening title saying 'Lionsgate Films presents' has no transition, and it just appears at the start of the film.  However, when we move onto the next title the producer, we used a fade in transition, which made the words fade in from the right side pushing over to the left.  We used this same effect for the remaining titles added on, and I think we intend to use it for the titles throughout the whole sequence.  Playing about with different transitions for each title would waste time, and probably wouldn't flow with the film.  I've previously blogged about 'Se7en' and their opening title sequence - as well as their images I love their use of the titles.  They have discrete titles as well as title over narratives, and so do we.  For example, our title over narrative is the first title over the sky, and our discrete title is when the scenes inside the garage have their 'black screen'.  Although we have a total different type of font from 'Se7en', I believe our titles look very effective over each of their backgrounds.  I've used this in my previous blogs but here is a pictures of one of our title over narrative

The use of binary opposition allows the text to stand out against the background very nicely

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