Saturday, 19 March 2011


The font we used for our titles
We worked through break and lunch could do some work on the titles. We used the same title order and information (but changed the names) from 'Momento', but as this had around 17 titles, we removed some, and slightly changed around the order, fo our own. The plan for our title sequence structure is title over narrative, and discrete titles. I went in the next room to get a little demonstration from Marisa (only one person from the group needed to go) of how to use Livetype, then I went back to my group with my new found information to give to them. We called on Mickey a lot for some assistance in using Livetype, but after a while we got the hang of it and didn’t need much of his help. We used a Font called ‘Copperplate’ because we all thought it best suited our genre and it looked nice. The font was size 49.5 (bold) and 33.0 (light) and we thought the fonts should appear in the ‘fade in’ effect. We all thought of interesting ways to put the titles up on screen and became excited to play around with ideas. 
     We didn’t get to finish adding titles because lunch was over and another class was coming in, and some of us had lessons to go to, so we are just going to do the rest after the rough cut.

Our names 'copperplate' appearing on screen

Emily's name seperately (as she the main 'star' in it) appearing on screen in 'copperplate'
Livetype screen shot with our 'Lionsgate' title in working process

A shot of me working on the titles in Livetype :)

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