Thursday, 17 March 2011

Whilst Filming the Thriller... Day 1

Day 1 - As a group we ventured out to my neighbours garage. Which was located in a alley behind my house. We got permission t  We cleared out most of the unnecessary  props from out of the scene. We were all enthusiastic and rearing to go. Although we only had a 2 hour gap to work with. We were equipped with:
- Spotlight and Stand
- Still Camera
"I think that the cameras are more interesting!"
- Video Camera and Tripod
- Batteries for the spotlight (x2)

Most of the items of the shed that were in there remained, to show realism that this person is almost squatting in the garage. The garage's Mise En scene was laid out to our advantage with the shelves either side allowing us space to manoeuvre.  

In the Mise En Scene:
- Washing up products
- Basket
- Power tools
- A Fan
- Saw

Props we brought in:
- Food Colouring
- Costume (Dress, Shoes, Jeans, Jacket)
- Sports Bag
- Tool box

 Note: Originally we wanted to have a wig to be the main point when she's changing appearance. However due to the time constraints we had on our group, we were unable to full fill that demand.

We knew we didn't have much time to finish all the shots which were required so, we agreed on shooting the main parts first, and the extras last. Even if we were only left with the main shots we could have always worked around it. 

Some serious steady hands. 
I took the role as time keeper just to push my group that we haven't got much time to deliberate on camera decisions. We filmed as the girl got into the garage instead of the establishing shots and the point-of-view shot we had put in our storyboard. The point of view shot was filmed by Natalie as she had the steadiest hand out of all of us.

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