Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evaluation Q1 - Challenging forms and conventions of real media products

    For the opening of 'Stolen Identity', we used two different ways (combined) to present the titles.  I believe me and my group challenged thriller conventions by using both title over narratives and discrete titles, as most thriller films decide to do one or the other.  One film that also challenged the thriller conventions, as well as inspiring us, is 'Se7en'.  The thriller film 'The Stepfather' also inspired us, and we used similar fonts, as they're plain and both sans serif.  We chose to use the convention of a basic font, as it creates a sense of formality whilst watching the opening, as well as the transitions (fade in/out) of the fonts creating a slower pace to the opening itself.
Knife used in our film
     Even though 'Se7en' had a contribution to our titles, I believe the opening sequence was more based on 'The Stepfather'.  Both 'The Stepfather' and 'Stolen Identity' use conventional props, for example the big kitchen knife.  'The Stepfather' had more sharp objects used, which is good as sharp objects are a convention of a thriller.  Showing these objects, especially during the opening of a film, is good for creating curiosity as well as suspense, which will make the viewers want to watch the rest of the film.
     Dark atmosphere/settings can also be seen as a convention of a thriller.  Although our title sequence opens with an establishing in broad daylight, the majority of it is spent inside a very dark garage, which was good for creating suspense.  'The Stepfather' didn't really have a dark setting, but I believe the use of the non-digetic music made it seem dark.  Adding to that, 'The Stepfather' started off with non-digetic music (silent night carol) but then changed to digetic music (the toaster).  We used digetic sound effects such as the heels walking on the concrete and sounds of the garage door opening and closing.  Non-digetic music is a MUST-HAVE convention because without the eerie and scary sounds, there would be no suspenseful moments.
     Both 'The Stepfather' and 'Stolen Identity' present the main characters in a very similar way, as they're not holding the same identity that they were at the beginning.  This creates a sense of curiousity, which leads to the viewer gaining interest.  In 'The Stepfather' the viewers want to know why he's changing his appearance and the story behind it, and in 'Stolen Identity' the audience want to know the same thing.  A mysterious storyline is automatically created.  Adding to that, most thriller films use a male killer or villian, but we decided to challenge that convention by making the villian female.  It allowed us to be creative and different, as well as standing out to the 'typical female victim' films.
Below are the title stills of 'The Stepfather' and 'Stolen Identity'

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