Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation Q4 & Q5 - How to attract/address audience & what institution might distribute our product and why

As our film is low budget, the most common way we would distribute is online.  Although we did have a cinematic screening of it, I think it would be very rare for this to happen again.  Adding to that, we will be getting a DVD release of 200 copies, and this would be a good way to distribute our products to our family and friends.  Other ways could be via youtube, facebook, twitter, etc, pretty much social networking sites.

I had previously visted the youtube channel 'Hurtwood House Media' and I've previously blogged about two of the student thriller films that had really caught my eye - 'Presence' and 'Redemption'.  They haven't won any awards or anything but they were still very interesting and eye-catching.  In terms of how to address and attract our audience, this could be one of the ways.  Our thriller opening has already been uploaded onto a website called 'vimeo', but my group have also created a youtube account called 'stolenidentity2011' (the name of our film) and we've uploaded our video onto there.  So far we have 49 views and 4 comments, but we hope for this to change before the friday deadline - we will be keeping track of the growing views/comments.  Within a few minutes of promoting via twitter, we've managed to get a few people's feedback, this proves that uploading onto youtube is a good way of attracting and addressing our audience.

Printscreen of our views and likes so far

Printscreen of comments so far - (all positive feedback)

 My group also spoke about trying to get a youtube partnership.  'YouTube Partnership is a program that lets you share the revenue generated through videos that you create, upload and share on YouTube.'  As our deadline is on our friday which is just 3 days away, it would be quite unrealistic to try and get this youtube partnership up and running, but I believe if we had more time left, this would be an option that would be highly considered.  It's just a very fast way to broadcast videos via youtube (budget or non-budget).  Adding to that, I've heard a few stories about getting payed whilst having a Youtube Partnership depending on how many suscribers your channel had.  If this is true, this could also be a good way to earn some money whilst promoting.

 (Partnership is mispelt)

Similarly, 'My Name is Jerry' is an independently produced dramatic comedy starring actor Doug Jones.  Again, I think if we had the time needed we could probably distribute it onto a website like this.  However, ours was a media project for coursework and taking it this level may be a little 'extreme'.  Nonetheless, if we were thinking that far ahead, this would be a great idea.

                                      Printscreen of 'My name is Jerry'

Adding to that, I came across a website called 'First Light', (firstlightonline.co.uk) to see other short thriller films created. 
'First Light provide opportunities for young people to work with industry professionals on high quality, youth led digital media projects.'  I watched a horror film called 'The Rag Doll Girl' which was the best horror nominee of the Film Light awards of 2009.  Using First Light gave them a chance to use their small budget to their best ability, and posting it on vimeo also gave them a chance to broaden their views.  We followed up their idea by being creative and making our own youtube account as well as our video being uploaded onto vimeo.  The link for the video is below as it wasn't allowing me to post it straight onto the blog.

                                      Printscreen of 'The Rag Doll Girl'

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