Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Q6 Part 1

In Mondays lesson. We were able to watch everyone in our class's thriller openings. After watching we were given papers to write words for each others films. Once we collected the papers we had to create a word cloud ( of all the reoccurring words. As we didn't have enough time to produce and put on blogger, Emily volunteered to put it up for us so we can take and evaluate from it. 

The Word Cloud

Clearly, "Good" was the most occurring word which was said. Although the word "good" is an average word and as much as it is positive, it is slightly negative meaning there must have been more we could have been able to do. 

The next reoccurring word was "sound" meaning that our sound track and effects were great and everyone could notice the intensity and the atmosphere helped created by the "sound". The word "sound" can accompany the words "tension" and "suspense" as the audience could suggest what the mood which was imposed.

The next words were"well" and "shots" together they make "shot-well" which we I am proud to be commented on. Highlighting our shots mean that we attempted and executed the shots well. By the mention of "shots" could indicate the variety of shots we used were noticed. Which is great however we also wanted to make the footage seamless. 

The next was "interesting". Which I take as a compliment. The word "interesting" could connote difference. Which shows how we stood out from most. "Interesting" could regard our concept or our visual effects.

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