Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Q8 Part 2

 Before I started this course, it was rare for me to pick up a video camera and film people or surroundings. Since then I believe I am reformed into a recording addict. During this time the road hasn't been easy and i will try to discuss all which went wrong.

 I believe as a group we did well in the limited time we had. We left our planning for our final edit to the last minute which wasn't as detrimental to our outcome as I thought. However, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't have left it. We could have made more ideas to make our opening title sequence even more better and slightly rearrange the concept.

Due to limited equipment there was not much we can do in the time we had been allotted.

Camera Movements

The first two video we had done was mainly shot as a group effort. Each time I started to tell who's best at shooting. Natalie was great because she had the steadiest hand out of all of us. Jazzine was great with organising the order in which things went and livetype. Emily was the most enthusiastic out of all of us being in front of the camera. I don't believe I was great at things but when it came to uploading and trying to find errors and ideas I was your girl. 

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