Sunday, 3 April 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 2 - Reprsenations of social groups

The represenation of a killer in
The Stepfather
Stereotypically in thrillers, if there is a killer, the killer is male. We challenged this stereotype by making the killer in our film a female. This contrast to the stereotypical representation of killers, like the one used in ‘The Stepfather.’ That’s the difference in the representation of the main characters with these films. Also in our film we didn't show the killers face until the end of the sequence, this allowed us to bring up another representation of a killer as being secretive. Another difference. I think our use of this representation allowed to be more creative and step out of the box. Although our film is not the only thriller film that use a female killer (e.g. Kill Bill – which I mentioned a few blogs before), we’re one on the few, so it should help us stand out from the big majority of thriller films with killers. 
The represenation of a killer in
Stolen Identity
      The similarity each film shares is the representation that the main character is not who the audience think they are. Commonly with thriller films, at least one character is not who either the audience think they are or someone within the movie think they are. With The Stepfather it is the step-family is to them is not who is actually is. At the beginning of the movie he undergoes a change in appearance, so that he can set out to deceive other person of he true identity. Similarly, our film incorporated the same thing. In the opening we see her suspiously changing her appearance, to potentially deceive someone of her true identity. This representation I believe is effective because it arouses suspiousion and anticipation within the audience, bring it more closely to being a successful thriller film.

The changed appearance in The Stepfather

The changed appearance in Stolen Identity

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