Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 4&5 - Media institutions/Distribution

One independent student film that I found was ‘Silence’ which I found on Youtube.

Silence is an award winning short film and currently has 58,846 views, only having been uploaded a year ago.  To distribute our independant  film, we also tried a similar approach. We uploaded our film onto Youtube onto a personal channel we made for our film called ‘StolenIdentity11.’  It currently has 56 views and 4 comments.  

Our film on youtube
Our film has also been uploaded on Vimeo. By putting our film on Youtube, it will allows us to interact with our audience, and create a bigger audience, as Youtube is 4th largest website on the internet, you can watch videos from all over the global. It is also the second largest search engine in the world, right behind google – which they have a partnership. We will also be able to generate an audience through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc by posting and sharing the link to our film on Youtube enabling people to share these links with their friends, and it can go on and on. Through the use these sites will be able to gather a conscious audience, as this sites allow members to stay update with recent events and allows them to get involved by interacting with people about that event, for example ‘Trend Topics’ on Twitter.

Since we will be receiving DVD copies of our film, this will help us distribute our independent movie also. We could possibly make copies of our film and give them to family and friends. Maybe even sale them!  One way we can attract a buying audience is by making posters/flyers, and distributing them around college.

We could also make a website for our independent movie. One independent student film that did this was a film called ‘My name is Jerry.’  Here's a link to there website:
A print screen of the web page

The website is another source of marketing which would allows our audience to view information about out film.

We also thought about getting a Youtube Partnership. However to become a Youtube partner holds a lot of qualifications, some of these are that we have a lot of subscribers and upload original videos regularly. On the other hand a Youtube partnership allows you to ‘analyze your audience’ and you can also earn money through advertisements being shown before your video. Nevertheless, it is very unlikely that we will be accepted for a Youtube partnership, but it is a good form of distribution.

One way of distribution that is more likely for us, is to enter our independent film for an award. A lot of student independent films have entered for student award competitions, and some have won. By winning, popularity of the film grows, making the distribution grow also.    

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