Thursday, 7 April 2011


Throughout my time working on my preliminary task, I believe I have made an immense improvement in terms of camera shots, editing, sound and titles in numerous ways.

Firstly, before we began any filming, we needed to plan how, what and where to film. For the preliminary task, we only had one lesson to complete everything therefore we did not spend enough time planning as the majority of the time was used to film and edit. We only planned how we would film the match cut of Vanessa opening the door therefore the match cut scene was filmed perfectly. However, the shots filmed afterwards were not up to scratch as the ideas used were just made up last minute. The scene where Vanessa enters the classroom closing the door behind her, there was a lot of space to her right and the same issue occurred in the two shot of me and Vanessa.

When we moved onto to editing, we used various shots for the match cut but simple shots for the rest. We had spent the majority of our time filming and editing therefore there was not enough time to add sound and titles. We did, however, manage to add in diegetic sounds to the footsteps and door opening. Overall, I think we could have done a much better job if we had more time.

All the mistakes and problems we faced when producing the preliminary task, we took on board to produce a successful thriller opening. We were very careful when filming a particular scene which we would then film again so we would have a back-up. We planned everything beforehand such as who will film/edit on which day. We would occasionally split up to work on both editing and filming at the same time. I believe that everything went very well when producing the thriller, the only problem we faced was the lack of time we had to produce it. This was due to the constant change of the storyline and ideas. Our previous ideas were complicated which would probably be last well over 2 minutes. Due to our organised planning, we had enough time to complete everything, we even added some trasitions between shots. We ended up completing the entire thriller the day before the deadline, we were all very pleased with the outcome. If we had not done the preliminary task beforehand then our final product would not have been in the state it is in now. However, I couldn't have done this without my amazing group: Emily, Jazzine and Vanessa!

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