Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evaluation Q6 part 1 - Word Cloud

Our word cloud
     In monday's lesson with Bernard, we watched each group's thriller film in class and had to give feedback to them.  We wrote feedback for each group on a piece of paper, which was then handed back to the groups at the end of the lesson.  With the feedback on the piece of papers, we had to construct a 'word cloud' on which words appeared the most.  Because there wasn't enough time for us to do it at the end of the lesson, I decided to take the papers home and then upload it onto blogger and tag the whole group.  They are a range of adjectives and nouns in our word cloud, and the words that were used the most were the largest.  The smaller the word, the less it was used, and the biggest words on our word cloud, I'd say are 'sound' and 'good'.  'Shots' and 'well' are the second biggest, and 'interesting and camera' are the third biggest.
     The feedback we recieved from our film was average.  Most students thought it was quite good, and one of the negative things that was repeated quite alot was that the lighting was too dark in some scenes.  When we had finished editing our film, and watched it on final cut pro and blogger, it didn't seem that dark, and hopefully, it won't be too dark in the screening of the film. 
     'Good' and 'sound' being our biggest words made me pleased.  Although 'good' is just a basic word, it still means that the viewers enjoyed it to some extent.  Sound is also really important not just for a thriller film, but a film in general.  Thrillers rely on sound to create suspense, and based on the feedback, I would say that the sound was very effective and had a high level of suspense.
    Two more words that left me very satisfied were 'interesting' and 'camera'.  The opening of any film must keep your viewers interested, so they will watch the whole film, and even though some students were confused as to what was going on, several of them said they were very interested, and that they would like to watch the rest of the film to find out what was going to happen.  Adding to that, a lot of the students liked our different camera shots used, so we could see that the sound, images, and text all together was working well.
    Two more days until the screening of our film - I'm very excited to watch it on the big screen, but I'm also interested in more feedback.

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