Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 4&5

I believe that our film would be released as a low-budget independent film because the funding isn't here to acquire a great distributor such as "Universal".

Our Youtube Channel
Firstly, i believe we should take a proactive approach to launch our film. The internet has become a great medium in promoting and distributing media products. Since the arrival of social networking sites and Youtube. Many aspiring directors, actors and artists have used these mediums to promote their products. 

A prime example, "My name is Jerry"( the film. It's an independent film which has used youtube as a promoting medium. Allowing users to watch their content for free; trailers and exclusive interviews with the cast to entice the audience to buy their DVD on their website. 

We have taken similar approach in creating our very own Youtube channel called "StolenIdentity2011",
where we will showcase our trailers and thriller sequence and exclusives. A website would be made with the domain "StolenIdentity2011" which is simple to remember. We will use the website to sell our film.  The audience we would be able to attract  are those who use Youtube and are looking for independent films to view.  

Youtube also provide an advertising service where you can apply to have your channel and website advertise on their webpage. Youtube believe that there audiences:

  • Youtube have many users over 45 just the same as under 18
  • Youtube's users are equal in men and women who use their services.
  • Youtube is accessible 2 hours a week and quote "primetime is all the time".
This benefits small film makers like us, who want their film to be publicised. 

Youtube also do a partnership where users can earn money from  Youtube. However it is currently mainly open to users who produce music videos. Although, it is worth a shot to apply.  A group which has benefitted from a partnership is a group called the "Gregory Brothers" under the Youtube account of "Schmoyoho".

Previously, I done a little post on "Hurtwoodhouse" media. We took inspiration from their channel which was loaded with thriller opening sequences.

Anuvahood Facebook page
As i mentioned before, social networking sites have been a great institution to distribute and get the word out of a  film. A prime example, on Facebook/Twitter the film "Annuvahood" have been actively posting clips and trailers to their film along with their own website: 

To try this approach we would create a special account on facebook like Anuvahood (right)
and create a twitter so we are able to post directly to our followers who are already interested and spread the word about the film. 

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